November 15th, 2011
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Kottiyathoor moral policing: No extremist link

shaheed bava, moral policing deathKozhikode: There is no link between extremist organisations and the Kodiyathoor moral policing that had led to the brutal death of the 29-year-old youth, doolnews sources said. Though there were media reports regarding a probable connection of extremist outfits, the special investigation team has not yet received any information to prove this assumption.

Shahid Bava, from Cheruvadi, Kozhikode was grievously assaulted by an angry mob near Kodiyathur village office around 11.30 am on Wednesday.The boy was in critical stage while he was admitted at a private hospital. He succumbed to his injuries on Sunday night. Shahid was tied onto an electrical post and beaten up by the mob. According to police, Bava used to regularly visit a house occupied by women members only, late at night. He was apparently warned by the men folk in the locality to stay away but when he went to the woman’s house on Wednesday they waylaid him, tied him to an electric post and beat him till he lost consciousness.

Case has been registered against 15 people who are currently under hiding. Most of the accused in the case are Muslim League activists. This incident would tarnish the political image of the Muslim league. Hence a rumor was spread by them regarding the terrorist link in the case, sources said. On the same day of the attack a similar incident had occurred in Chullikaparambe. Right after the previous attack the police received information regarding extremists links. This helped in spreading the rumor like fan fire in Shahid’s case too.

The manner in which Shahid was attacked too, didn’t look similar to any extremist attack. His sexual organs were mutilated. The attackers did not permit anyone to take the brutally attacked victim to the hospital. This leads to the inference that those who attacked him did have some kind of vengeance and personal vendetta. The police have received  information that no extremist group has direct links with this incident. However, the police is inquiring whether any one among the accused has any links with terrorist or extremist groups.

The police has received reports that though there is no evident link between terrorist groups and the brutal attack there has been a gradual growth in terrorist groups in this Muslim majority area.  Under the leadership of this organization several moral policing attacks have been organized in various parts of the state.  In several places these incidents have been happening, unless and until stringent steps are taken to curtail any such further events such matters could go out of control.

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