October 20th, 2011
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Kundankulam expert group appointed

koodankulamChennai: A 15-member expert group has been appointed on the Kudankulam nuclear plant. The group would study the issue of safety of the proposed plant.

The group of experts from various disciplines such as radiation safety, reactor safety, oncology, fisheries and nuclear waste management will interact with the local population in and around Kudanakulam where two 1000 MW nuclear power plants built with Russian collaboration are in advanced stages of completion.

Jayalalithaa had recently said she has not received any letter from the Prime Minister. “Well I am sorry. I have seen that comment. I had sent a letter. When I go back I will look at my office as to why the letter which was sent did not reach her in time. But I do feel that we can give reasonable satisfaction to all the stakeholders who are worried about the safety of the atomic energy plant at Kudankulam. And for that matter I have offered to the chief minister that we will set up a high level group to interact with the state government, to interact with the local population,” Dr Singh said.

Jayalalithaa stated that her government is very clear that there should be no work at the site unless public fears are addressed. “Protests are happening only because Centre hasn’t suspended work. The Prime Minister promised joint committee, but nothing happened,” she had said. The Centre has, however, rejected the request for stoppage of work at the plant. It, instead, has assured that the plant – designed to generate more nuclear power than anywhere else in the country – meets international safety standards.


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