November 7th, 2011
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“Kundankulam neuclear plant is safe”: APJ Kalam

abdul-kalamChennai:  The former President and scientist, APJ Abdul Kalam, gave his stamp of credibility to the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP). He asserted that there was no need for any panic as it had state-of-the-art safety features.“I am completely satisfied and happy with the sophisticated safety features of the reactors and hence there is no need for panic since it’s only a boon to the future generation,” he told the media.

Kalam has confirmed that he had not come as an emissary of the Union government and would not be a mediator between the nuclear establishment and protesters opposing the plant.“However, I won’t be a mediator since I am not the Centre’s emissary. I’m a scientist, I’m a technologist. I support nuclear energy along with solar and wind power as it is a clean and green energy which is very much required for the country’s rapid growth now… ”

The reactors, placed at a secure height of over 13.50 metres, would not be affected even by a tsunami. Nor would an earthquake threaten them, as Kudankulam was not within any seismic zone. “The scientists have taken into account all these natural calamities before designing and fabricating it,” he noted.

While 99 per cent of the spent fuel would be processed for reuse in the reactors, the remaining one per cent would be converted and protected within a thickly walled underground concrete containment. “No waste from the reactor will be dumped in the sea,” Mr. Kalam said.

Those opposing the project expressed disappointment and anguish over his unequivocal support for the nuclear plant.“We expected that Mr. Kalam will visit those protesting against the plant and those on fast. However, after interacting with a team of KKNPP supporters, he left Kudankulam without coming to our place [the protest venue at Idinthakarai],” said SP Udhayakumar, coordinator of the struggle committee.

Belgium had decided to close down seven reactors after realising the risks involved in nuclear programmes, he added. The plant will certainly wipe out several southern districts of Tamil Nadu and neighbouring Kerala in case of any mishap,” he claimed.


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