March 16th, 2012
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Lakeshore Hospital nurses strike continues

nursesKochi: Nurses at Lakeshore Hospital continued their strike against the management for the fourth day as all talks between the management and the nurses’ representatives failed. Even as the talks failed the nurses that were conducting protest marches on the streets yesterday, began their sit in protest blocking the main entrance of the hospital.

The nurses claim that their protest is against an indifferent management that has neglected the needs of the nursing staff. Sources claim that there has been attempts to squash the protest from the side of the management.

As per the instructions of the Chief Minister talks were held yesterday in the presence of Labour Minister. However the management has refused to budge from their stand. They have refused to reinstate the nurses that have been dismissed from service by the management. As both the parties remained adamant on their demands the talks failed. The management has been accused of treating the nurses as enemies. The Panangad Police have registered a case against the striking nurses of Lakeshore hospital based on an order passed by the High Court last month asking them to provide protection to the hospital.



3 Responses to “ Lakeshore Hospital nurses strike continues ”

  1. Kusuma Kumari G

    Yes its high time the management rise the salary of nurses in India Otherwise we will not get nurisng care in India

  2. Amith

    yes…. nurses has that much right to ask their rights to their concern people!!!! i dnt know why the government and the management should’t take this as an important issue??

  3. Hari lal

    NURSES are the angels…… they plays a vital role in health care…. but community could not knw the problems that they were faced!!!!!! its very poor to here this type of sad stories that happends still in our india!!!! its very cruel,they are also a humen!!!!!!they also want to leave this 21st centurey!!!!


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