February 14th, 2012
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Lalur strike intensifies

lalur-waste-disposalThrissur: The people of Lalur, Thrissur who have been fighting for their right to live in dignity has decided to intensify their protest to solve the long impending waste disposal problem. Under the leadership of K Venu an indefinite strike has been organized. The protest was inaugurated by the famous literary laureates Zachariah. They are seeking a permanent solution to the waste disposal problem.

Several social workers and NGO’s are participating in the hunger strike. The protesters stated that though the Chief Minister had assured a solution to their problem nothing has been done till today. The mayor has requested the people of Lalur to permit the dumping of waste as the people of Thrissur would suffer if the waste disposal does not continue as before. However the people of Lalur are resolute and have declared they will stand strong on their demands.




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