September 2nd, 2011
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Law books just a click away

Special Story/ Doolnews  Special Correspondent

Law books just a click awayWhile cellphones have become an omnipresent all-in-one accessory, the corridors of justice are no exception. Judges in the state no longer need to go through the voluminous law books to make a reference instead, they can do it with just a click on their cellphones.

In an initiative of the Madras High Court Chief Justice, a special software is being installed in the cellphones of the all the judicial officers in the state and judges of the Madras High Court using which they can quickly refer to any of the 71 Central Acts.

“If a judge wants to know all the laws relating to a particular issue like dowry, he will have to just type the word in the search box and click. The software will display all the laws relating to the issue and judge can have a quick clarification,” says an officer of the Tamilnadu State Judicial Academy, explaining about the nuances of the software.

While the product costs Rs 1,000 in the market, the judicial academy is sponsoring the software to about 800 judicial officers and 50 judges in the Madras High Court.

“Some advocates may try to mislead us on the laws and raise unjustifiable demands. At such moments this software comes very handy. We can have a quick reference before deciding on the issue,” says a judicial officer.
“When I was a student, my professor used to stress that the laws should be at my finger point. Now, virtually, it is in my finger point,” quips G Mahizhenthi, secretary of the Coimbatore District Legal Services Authority.

“This software is definitely very useful for us. For example, during review meetings our seniors might suddenly ask us a question about a particular section in a act. Instead of a cutting a sorry figure, if we are not very sure about the provisions of the act, we can make a quick reference and give them the correct answer,” says a judicial officer.

Sources said that the private company, which is entrusted the task, has finished the task in about half of the judicial districts in the state. “There is a overwhelming response for the initiative and judicial officers in all the districts are willingly coming forward to get the software installed in their cellphones. Many of them have even bought new mobiles that are compatible to the software,” said an officer of the judicial academy.


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