April 4th, 2012
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Left needs to rally Left democratic unity: AB Bardhan

A-B-bharadhanKozhikode: AB Bardhan, general secretary of the Communist Party of India (CPI) said, that a two two party system has only perpetuated bourgeois. He was addressing the CPIM 20th party congress being held at Kozhikode today. According to him it is because the two party system fails at some point that regional powers, that are intrinsically concerned about the marginalized sections, rise up.

“However these regional parties fall prey to opportunism. Despite opportunism these regional parties have a secular outlook. The Left should draw these regional parties into the left democratic movement. The Left should be the motivator and should take the initiative to join all forces together to create a Left democratic unity,” he said.

“The Left should rally together all forces that are ready to fight corruption and are willing to create an alternate internal, domestic foreign policy,” he added. He stressed the need for both the CPI and CPIM to strengthen themselves. according to him this was not a contradictory process but the CPI and CPIM growth were complimentary.


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