August 25th, 2011
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LIS case: court rejects further investigation

LIS caseKochi: The Eranakulam Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) court rejected the government’s plea  for further investigation into the LIS case. The investigation team approached the court to grant permission for further investigation as well as re-trial of the case. However, the court has rejected both their requests.

In the request application submitted to the court the team has made it clear that the existing charge sheet is in favour of the accused and if the case continues there are high chances for the accused to escape. They stated that in order to submit a new charge sheet further investigation is essential and should be permitted.

LIS case is one of Kerala’s largest money chain scams in which elite, criminals and corrupt politicians are involved. The police declared that honest officials investigating the case were harassed by regular transfers in order to hamper the investigation. However these demands of the police were not accepted by the court.

The plea for re-investigation is a result of the letter submitted by I G Sen Kumar to the Chief Minister, in which provides information about the case which he claims to be undermined or sabotaged.


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