December 29th, 2011
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Madani must be given medical care: VS

vs-achuthanandanThiruvananthapuram: Kerala Opposition leader VS Achuthananthan wrote a letter to the Karnataka Chief Minister Sadananda Gowda asking him to provide expert medical care to PDP leader Abdul Nassar Madani who is langushing in jail. The major demand raised in the letter was the grant of free medical treatment to Madani.

” Madani’s case should not be delayed futher. All evidences must be collected at the earliest and trial should be initiated. Even without conducting trial, retaining a person suffering from several ailments in jail and torturing him cannot be justified. This shall tarnish the image of the Indian legal system and judiciary. The cases registered against Madani are those that accuse him of grave crimes. If found guilty he must be punished. However, delaying the case indefinitely, even without conducting trial and retaining a person in remand is against the the spirit of the Indian judicial system. To move the case the prosecution must take necessary steps”, VS said. I am one among those who severly criticised the policies and views of Madani. However indefinite remand is something that is unacceptable even in Madani’s case.

Earlier Madani had written a letter to VS Achuthananthan giving the details of the problems faced by him as he is suffering from various ailments and is still under remand.




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