April 3rd, 2012
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Malayalam film industry against newspaper agents

Kofilm stars against newspaper agents chi: Most newspaper owners are in a tight spot as newspaper distribution has been obstructed due to the continuing strike of newspaper agents. Though certain small and medium scale newspaper organizations have decided to reach an consensus after discussions with the agents the large media houses refuses to give in and are still adamant on their stand. Political parties were the first weapon used by the owners in their battle against the agents.

All political parties disowned the CITU lead struggle.  Now they have garnered the support of the Kerala film industry. Film stars were used to lure the readers on their side against the agents. The agents have been portrayed as the culprits who have denied the people of Kerala their basic right to know the events around the world. Manorama has pooled in film stars who have been asked to openly condemn the agents strike.

Film stars were asked to distribute and sell Manorama newspapers at Kaloor bus stand.  Lakshmi Gopalaswami, Baburaj, Lena, Zeenath, Krishnaprabha, director Harinarayanan were among those who came onto the streets on behalf of Manorama against the newspaper agents. The stars walked sold papers in buses and shops. The issue was given heavy coverage on Manorama’s news channel. The cine stars were also asked to make tall statements against the agents. According to them newspaper distribution was hampered so as to destroy the reading habit among the people.




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