March 15th, 2012
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Malayali worker abused at work in Muscat

malayali-fishermanMuscat: A Malayali fish vendor from Kollam who was working in Duqm was severely beaten up by the relatives of his employers for asking permission to rest after long continuous hours of selling fish. “I began selling fish from the early hours on Monday, winding up at around 7pm.

When a new load of fish arrived, my employer asked me to continue selling fish. I requested him to let me go as I was too tired after a long day of work,” Jefferson told Gulf News from Duqm, 450km south of Muscat. However instead of letting him go, the employer’s cousin beat him for he dared to ask for resting time.

Jefferson was again beaten up the next day. Finally a Pakistani national tried to help him and drove him to the police station. However their vehicle was intercepted on the way by the employer’s cousin and three others. “The employer’s cousin and the others accompanying them thrashed me black and blue with camel sticks and didn’t even spare the Pakistani,” Jefferson said.

He was admitted to hospital. “The hospital staff called in police and he was taken to the Duqm police station after treatment,” P. M. Jabir, Indian Social Club Welfare Secretary, told Gulf News. He said the police had registered a complaint against the people who beat up Jefferson. “The police summoned the perpetrators of the ruthless act against a helpless expatriate but they didn’t turn up so far,” he added.

So far there has been no reply from the Community Welfare Attaché at the Indian embassy. The Community Welfare Attaché at the Indian embassy did not answer phone calls by Gulf News.


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