January 3rd, 2012
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Management demanded dismissal of Nurses Association: Jasmine Shah

malayalee-nurseAngamaly: The nurses protest that began in the Little Flower hospital yesterday entered into its second day. Rising the minimum wage, removal of  bonded labour, introduction of working in shifts, reinstating the dismissed nurses are some of the demands raised by the striking nurses and ensuring job security are some of the demands raised by the agitating nurses. The needs of the nurses were discussed with Deputy Labour Commissioner.

Yesterday evening a meeting was organized between the nurses and the hospital management. The administration however stated that the hospital had banned trade unions in 1987 and that they could not accept the demands put forth by the protesting nurses. Three days after dismissing the Union the administration is willing to organize talks with the disgruntled nurses.

” On December 22nd, 2011 we had raised our demands before the management. We had also warned them of  a protest in case their demands were not taken into consideration before January 10, 2012. Meanwhile the hospital management dismissed 6 nurses for no rhyme or reason. It is because of this that we were forced into immediate action,” said Jasmine Shah.

” It is when we realised there was no job security we reacted,” said Beljo one of the protesting nurses. Beljo is one among the six nurses who were dismissed by the management. Relating his story to doolnews Beljo said,” Under the United Nurses Unionwe had started small units in hospitals. We formed an executive committee to find out the problems faced by the nurses. Highlighting the needs of the nurses a memo was sent to the hospital administration.  However the hospital claimed that it was under a 30 crore loss and that our demands could not be considered. Following this a notice was handed over to six of us asking us to leave the organisation before January 2, 2012. According to them as per contract rules the management had the right to dismiss nurses as they please. It is then we realized that we had no job security.”

“The management began organising new interviews to fill in the six vacancies. It is at this juncture that we decided that it was imperceptive that we call for a strike. patients discomfort was also a priority for us. Thus nurses from the emergency ward was asked to stay away from the protest,” he added.

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