February 27th, 2012
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Manappuram agitation spreads to Manjeri

manappuram agitation Malappuram: The Manjeri branch employees of Manappuram finance limited have organized a  strike protesting against the sudden transfer of the employees which they believe is with an ulterior motive. The employees have accused the management of vindictively transferring the employees who registered their names in the employees union.

Earlier the Mavoor road branch employees went on a strike against the exploitation of the management on February 25, 2011. The agitation against the management is thus spreading amongst the various branches.

Doolnews extensively covered the protest initiated by the Mavoor road branch. The employees had informed doolnews that if the management does not recognize their needs and end this exploitation they would initiate an indefinite strike all over Kerala.

According to the employees the management is unhappy over the fact that some of the employees have gained membership in the NBFC employees union which was formed on Aug 22, 2012. The union was formed to solve or consider the problems of the workers in the Non Banking Finance Sector. K P Anil Kumar was elected as the president and C K Unnikrishnan the secretary of the organization.

The employees have complaint that they have been tranfered over night with no prior notice. “They merely called us over the phone one day and asked us to report at the respective transferred branches the next day. They have not informed the various departments of this decision. We have families and children how is possible for us to shift over night with no rhyme or reason. The management has also tried to register false cases against the striking employees,” the agitators told doolnews.

The employees also strongly criticized the attitude of the main stream media towards their agitation. ” The attitude of the mainstream media towards our problems is distressing. Though several reporters from various newspapers and channels had come to cover the agitation the news was not published later. The media is ignoring our problems as they are afraid of the Manapurram management and as it would affect their advertising revenue,” they said.

” Most of the employees at the various branches of Manapurram is facing similar problems. Many employees have been transferred to various parts of India. If the management does not consider and rectify our problems this agitation shall spread over the various branches of Manapurram. We shall unite and the agitation shall spread,” Jayan a protesting employee told doolnews.


2 Responses to “ Manappuram agitation spreads to Manjeri ”


    Management of Manappuram is to realise that the employees are their best assets. The ill treatment towards the employee to be stopped forthwith. They may be treated as human beings. Transfer over phone that too outside the state flouting all norms, without assigning any valid reasons, is not fair.
    The attitude of the Media other than DOOL NEWS reveal the true nature of the aposteles of the fourth estate.

  2. mathew

    There is a person by name Sreejesh at the Head office.He is a very pretentious character.If told to deduct from Sunil kumar’s account,he will deduct from all persons with a kumar as surname and act as if it was an error and would promise to reverse it in three working days but will never do so.If called on mobile phone he will never pick your call nor return the call.He has been clock worked by the management to carry out all these atrocities.He does opposite to what is to be done.All Manappuram staff should organise a march to Vallapad HQ and gherao these jokers and organise a lock out very soon.


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