February 25th, 2012
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Manapurram finance workers on one day strike

manappuram-strikeKozhikode: The workers of Manapurram finance, Mavoor road branch have called for a one day strike in protest against the exploitation of the management. If the management does not recognize their needs and end this exploitation they would initiate an indefinite strike all over Kerala, they said.

To solve or consider the problems of the workers in the Non Banking Finance Sector, an NBFC employees union was formed on Aug 22, 2012. K P Anil Kumar was elected as the president and C K Unnikrishnan the secretary of the organization. Several employees at Manapurram fianance has taken membership in this union.

This was not appreciated by the management. As an act of vengeance with an ulterior motive the management transferred the staff who joined the union. These transfers has been without any prior information. Some of the workers have been shifted to branches all over India. One of the workers who has been working at the Malappuram branch was transferred to Faridabad.  This action of the management sparked the protest.

” To discuss the problems of the management there is a union however they are against the formation of an employees union. We shall oppose this attitude of the management. We need some consideration from the side of the management. we do not resist pressure at workplace but even this should not cross beyond a particular limit. We shall protest against the exploitation of the employees,” the agitating employees told doolnews.

“Some of the employees working at the Mavoor road branch of Manappuram have been transferred to Chattisgarh, Faridabad, Orissa and the like. The management has not given any written prior notice regarding such a transfer. They merely called us over the phone one day and asked us to report at the respective transferred branches the next day. They have not informed the various departments of this decision. We have families and children how is possible for us to shift over night with no rhyme or reason. The management has also tried to take case against those employees who called for this strike. A women working in this office was emotionally blackmailed and pressurized into making statements against the striking employees. She was taken to the police station and they made her file a case against the striking protestors,” they told doolnews.

Jayan who has been working in the higher purchase vehicle loan for the past eight years shared his experience with doolnews.”  Initially i worked here for 7000 rupees. Several times in the name of auction loss they have deducted money from our salaries. It is only after 5 years that i received PF or ESI benefits from this organization. They have suddenly shifted me to Faridabad. I have a family and children to think of. One fine morning if they tell me to shift to Faridabad what shall I do.”

Manapurram finance is permitted to only receive gold loans but they have been issuing chitti and deposits till some time back. we are given a target to achieve within a given time frame. If we do not meet this target that they set we are verbally abused and we are asked to give an explanation at the head office. we are insulted by the management. Following the action taken by RBI Manapuram finance has stopped receiving deposits.

“Can we force people to keep their gold here and take a gold loan, ” Rajeesh asked. The employees are exploited in the name of auction loss. A lady employee who is generally receives 8500 as salary has not received one months pay. That months 8500 and 1500 from the next month was cut from her salary in the name of auction loss.

The company does not prefer to employee SC ST people or Muslims in their organization. Women employees are denied maternity leave. we do not have even a proper lunch break. In companies that have punching system we cant even be late by one second. If we become late for three consecutive days the employee would lose one casual leave. Even in emergency situations the company does not grant leave. If hey rant one days leave they will cut two days pay.


8 Responses to “ Manapurram finance workers on one day strike ”


    ==What is narrated above is only 1% of what is really happening at Manappuram. I retired as a scale IV officer from one of the leading scheduled banks of the country and I had the misfortune to work at Manappuram for about 6 months. While I was in ICU after a major surgery, on the 2nd day of my leave on loss of pay(2 days salary for one day leave) some one from HR department rang up and insisted that I should report for duty immediately or else my name won’t be there in the system. After a few days, I was shifted to another branch. Due to the continued verbal abuse and threatening mails, I resigned and said good bye to Mr.NANDAKUMAR. The concluding part of my 4 page letter ends up as shown herein below, ” Some one will emerge from some where, some time from now, to put an end to your draconian rules and atrocities against the employees of Manappuram Finance Ltd.
    My salute to all the comrades who have come to the fore front to fight against this SHYLOCK the greediness of whom has no parallel.


  2. Sangeetha

    Don’t pass false message mr.cheiryan, you have taken around 400 gms of gold from fort branch, did you forget the case, the apologize letter is still with us, if you theft 400gms or 1 kg, theft is a theft ,

  3. geo

    Manappuram gold and their Macare health establishments are worst places to work in Kerala.The whole wealth is ill gotten wealth.Employees are abused to the max.For one days leave 2 days salary is axed.Is there no labor laws to frame these jerks.They offer big salaries and axe half of it by claiming half has been put into RD account.If one takes 3 days leave it will manifest as 6 days and cut for 12 days.If any one happened to steal from them it is out of desperation too compensate the salary stolen from them.The worst part and worth laughing our heads off is they employ one and promise to make him a CEO.Each manappuram office has a CEO who is usually a tenth failed or PDC failed who cannot speak a word of English.There are some in the HR who cannot read a word of English and calculate a bit of math who intrepret “deduct 200 rupees’ as ‘deduct 2000 rupees’.These whole bunch of creatures with their directors work in union to steal from employees as well as from customers.DONT EVER BE A CUSTOMER NOR AN EMPLOYEES OF THESE FRAUDS.All the current employyes should go on indefenite strike and bring the shutters down on these frauds.They also have the highest number of revolving door of emplyees.

  4. ton

    Everything above is true and there is much more to it.The labor union with government officials should probe the atrocities inflicted on employees and take strict action against Manapuram officials.I understand Manappuram was trying to take over the health care system in Kerala.They opened one in Valapad and one in Kaloor,Hoping that it would rain gold into their exchequer,but apparently it ended as a total loss.The loss was mainly because of employee torturing and salary theft by the management.Health care will succeed only if the employees decide to work.With such atrocities inflicted on the staff the morale to develop the patient strength declined.This started with not paying the the promised salary to the doctors ,nurses and other staff.It was heard that doctors were like doing charity for Manappuram.With the unduly and manipulated money paid as cuts they were not able to cover the travel expense to the center.So many left.They were trying to compete with Vasan dental which is miles apart in attitudes.Vasan which is professionally run and well maintained in terms of rapport makes good profit.The Vasan doctors earn three times more than the manappuram doctors with the same number of patients treated..The message for manappuram is behave well and pay the staff properly for success, especially in health care.

  5. selin

    I blame the doctors there who work this unprofessional organization.Anyone at any place know about the bad reputation of Manappuram.Their success is through downright cheating.All should join the union and initiate for closure of Manappuram and take them to court for non payment of arrears

  6. mathew

    I feel their one sided profiting by cutting salaries and taking 36% interest from customers and not returning the pledged gold on many occasions is their success story.With the whole booty of gold taken away from customers they managed to become jewellers too.How can they ever be successful in health care with such policy wherein it mandates high level of goodwill with the doctor employees.I heard their their international clinic at kaloor is heading for closure because of poor management.The managers initially recruited have resigned.Manappuram should come under the radars of the Government and law Department for all these atrocities carried out.People should take gold loans from the more reliable banks in vogue and avoid working for these scamsters.OMG!!! salary cut on auction loss is unbearable!!!!

  7. mathew

    There is a person by name Sreejesh at the Head office.He is a very pretentious character.If told to deduct from Sunil kumar’s account,he will deduct from all persons with a kumar as surname and act as if it was an error and would promise to reverse it in three working days but will never do so.If called on mobile phone he will never pick your call nor return the call.He has been clock worked by the management to carry out all these atrocities.He does opposite to what is to be done.All Manappuram staff should organise a march to Vallapad HQ and gherao these jokers and organise a lock out very soon.

  8. vinod P

    Whoever this Sreejesh be .He will be first accused in front of law for carrying out all these crimes.The Manappuram staff should form a forum and submit their grivences to a tribunal formed and take action against Manappuram frauds.This is a wake up call.All the salary stolen will be paid with interest.Nobody is above the law.


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