February 10th, 2012
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Media syndicate led by The Hindu: CPI-M Secretary

pinarayi-vijayanThiruvananthapuram: Pinarayi Vijayan who is to be the state party secretary for the fourth time severely criticized the media at a press conference held today. According to him media syndicates have become active again. The Hindu also includes the media syndicate.  The media syndicate led by your leader(The Hindu) Gouridasan Nair. ”

Lies and fake news are being given in the media regarding the party,” he said.” The media syndicates that were inactive for sometime has become active again. Media’s criticism is good and we welcome such criticism as long as it is in good faith. For we believe it will improve the functioning of the party. But why are the media’s spreading false news and rumours? Hindu used to be once known for its good and truthful journalism. They used to publish news that was officially given out by the party. However, now the situation has changed. The Hindu has resorted to publishing fake news.A major portion of such news is being published in the name of the prominent media personal- Gauri Das Nair. It is under his leadership that the syndicate is functioning,” Pinarayi Vijayan stated.

He also stated that the CPIM state committee report has not been leaked. “The polit bureau has not blocked the committee report. its merely rumours that portions of the report has been handed over to the public. The report was accepted unanimously,” he said.

All actions and decisions were made unanimously. Most news that came out regarding the internal conflicts were made without understanding the issues at hand clearly. There has been attempts to convolute the image of the conference which has been a success,” he added.

Pinarayi Vijayan continues as CPIM secretary


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