April 21st, 2012
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Mosque boycotts family for conducting circumcision without permission

circumcisionKozhikode: The Mosque has boycott a family for conducting circumcision without the permission of mosque authorities. Jalaludin and family has has filed a complaint against the Kottarakara Vilayandoor Mosque. The Mosque decided to boycott the family from the mosque as a punishment for conducting the circumcision without the permission of Jama’Ath administrative committee. Jalaludin, Kunjupareeth Raothar who is the father of Jalaudin, Shajahan who is Jalaludin’s brother and sisters will not be able to enter the mosque or be involve in any of its activities.

They shall not be permitted to participate in weddings, funerals or any such events that is being performed under the aegis of the Jama’Ath. An order has been released where in the mosque has instructed other members to refrain from inviting them for any functions. Isolation and being declared a social out caste is the method employed to punish them for taking a step without the permission of the mosque authorities. At a press conference held in Kozhikode, Mr Jalaludin informed the media gathered there that he and his family were insulted and thrown out when they tried to attend certain functions after the boycott was issued.

The circumcision ceremony occurred in 2009. He was forced to pay a fine of 2001 rupees. He refused to the fine and hence the mosque issued a boycott notice against the family. Jalaludin approached the Waqaf board which cancelled the Jama’Ath order. However the Jama’Ath refused to follow the Waqaf order.


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