December 3rd, 2011
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MP’s get an Apple iPad each

appleNew Delhi: Indian parliamentarians are taking a digital leap into the future in an attempt to make its office paperless and its members tech-savvy. The Lok Sabha secretariat has sanctioned Rs 50,000 for each member to buy an iPad. “We are encouraging MPs to use iPads. This would save a lot of paper,” Lok Sabha Secretary General TK Vishwanathan said.

Officials said the MPs have been given the choice to buy either Apple iPads or Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tabs. Following a decision to this effect by the Lok Sabha committee on paperless office, the lower house secretariat has also held a familiarization drive for the MPs.

According to officials, they send daily notices, e-mails, questions and answers and details of house proceedings to the MPs in printed format. The paper used for such communication can be saved if the MPs start checking out this information in a digital format using iPads, they said.

“It is easier to retrieve and rearrange information in a digital format,” said Vishwanathan. As part of the digital drive, the Lok Sabha secretariat has already reduced printing of many reports tabled in the House and has instead started uploading them on the official website. “People can download this information and print it if they want,” he said.

The MPs too seem to be excited about the move. “I intend to buy an iPad,” SS Ramasubbu, Congress MP from Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu said. He has also undergone the familiarisation session organised by the secretariat recently.

Mr Vishwanathan said he will review the progress of the paperless office drive after the winter session. To let the members make good use of the iPads, the secretariat is also planning to make selective areas of the Lok Sabha Wi-Fi-enabled so they can access reports and even watch House proceedings live. Sources said due to security concerns, the floor of the house and chambers where the standing committee meetings are held may not have Wi-Fi. The upper house of parliament, the Rajya Sabha, is already Wi-Fi-enabled in parts, said officials.



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