November 25th, 2011
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Mullaperiyar: Centre cannot intervene now

salman-khurshidNew Delhi: Central Minister of Law and Justice Salman Khurshid stated that the centre cannot interfere in the Mullaperiyar issue immediately as the mater is being considered in the court. However, if the court permits the Centre shall take an appropriate decision.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have assured that the Centre would do everything to resolve the issue.  The PM also promised his help to all Kerala Ministers who were in Delhi seeking centres intervention and aid. The meeting between the MLA’s and MP’s and the PM was held at the Parliament. The ministers sought permission to built a new dam and to reduce the the water to 120 feet.

The prime minister asked the Chief Minister’s of  Kerala and Tamil Nadu to amicably resolve the issue. Salman Kurshid’s claim came even before the Kerala Ministers met Mr Manmohan Singh. ” We are aware of the problems concerned with the Mullaperiyar dam. We have even realised that this dam has become the bone of contention between the two neighbouring states. However, the centre has its own limitations in dealing with the issue,” said Salman Khurshid.



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