November 24th, 2011
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Mullaperiyar issue: Kerala Gvt creating fear psychosis says TN CM

jayalalithaChennai: Even as the Kerala Government is in a tizzy over the safety of its people, the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister shot a letter to the Prime Minister accusing the Kerala Government if creating a false sense of fear pshychosis among its people. According to Jayalalithaa Kerala Chief Minister, Mr Oommen Chandy and his group of ministers are whipping up fear only for political mileage and she claimed that the 112 year old dam is “safe and as good as new”.

The Kerala Government had earlier approached the prime Ministers seeking Center’s intervention to resolve the Mullaperiyar issue which is a bone of contention between the two neighbouring states. They had also asked he PM to grant permission to construct a new dam siting scientific reports that vouches for the vulnerability of the dam that is close to a fault line.

Jayalalitha However claims that “The government of Kerala has been harping on this point for quiet some time, in spite of the fact that the existing dam has been proved to be safe and can store water up to 142 feet as decided by the Supreme court as early as in 2006.”

Jayalalithaa said the Kerala government “seemed to be keen on creating a fear psychosis and panic among the people of that state and to influence the empowered committee appointed by the Supreme Court by submitting a report based on fear perception rather than fact.” Recalling that the Supreme Court had in February 2006 ordered raising the water level to 142 feet, she said it had held in “unambiguous terms” that the dam was safe and Tamil government had taken measures to keep it in “as good condition as a new dam”.

Jayalalithaa noted that the Central Water Commission had as early as in 1979 concluded that there was no danger to the dam following concerns raised by Kerala and suggested certain strengthening measures which were carried out by Tamil Nadu government from 1980 to 1994 with the concurrence of the neighbouring state.

Due to these measures, the dam was safe and its functioning “is as good as that of a new dam”, she said in the letter released to the media tonight. Stressing that Tamil Nadu government was also concerned about the safety of the people living downstream of Mullaperiyar dam, Jayalalithaa said it “is doing and will do all that is necessary” to ensure that the dam remained safe.

She said the state government was of the firm view that the retrofitted Mullaperiyar dam falling in Zone-III had been designed to withstand an earthquake. The reported tremors which had occurred on November 18 did not have even an iota of impact on the dam and it was not even felt in its vicinity. Jayalalithaa said the empowered committee constituted on the order of the Supreme Court was still conducting various tests and studies on the dam and there had been no adverse remarks.

She asked the Prime Minister to use his “good offices” to advise Kerala government to honour the rights guaranteed to the government of Tamil Nadu under the 1886 agreement followed by the supplementary agreement of 1970 in letter and spirit and to abide by the 2006 Supreme Court order and consequently repeal the amended Act of 2006 (passed by Kerala assembly on the dam).

Jayalalithaa also urged Singh to ask Kerala not to venture upon a new dam as the present one was functioning well and also since the whole issue is before the Supreme Court and the empowered committee and not “to whip up fear and panic among the people to gain political mileage”.

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One Response to “ Mullaperiyar issue: Kerala Gvt creating fear psychosis says TN CM ”

  1. Baby Kurian

    Hi Jaya,
    Look like you are an absolute illiterate. This is one of the bad fate of Indians to have un educated people in power. Do you think what is the life expectency of this dam which was build over 116 years ago with “surkey compound”?. I am wondering how bad is the commonsense of the supreme court and and its “techinical committees”. Do not try to challenge the patiance of the Keralites any more.They are not going live in fear for their life anymore. If the dam breaks it is going to be the worst turmoil in the region. When Kerala agrees to build a dam with modern technology and agrees to share the water like it is now, why the Tamil Nadu is opposing it ? They need to stop this nonsense right now.


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