November 30th, 2011
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Mullaperiyar: Kerala Govt to sign deal with IIT on impact study

mullaperiyar-damNewDelhi: The Kerala state Government would sign a deal with IIT Rourkee today to  study the impact and the consequences in-case the Mullaperiyar dam breaks. The state would request the centre to conduct an elaborate study and to submit the report at the earliest. The state government has asked IIT to submit its report by one and half months. The deal will be signed by engineers of the Mullaperiyar with the Rourkee IIT.

Rourkee IIT had conducted a study on the effects of the earth quake on the Mullaperiyar dam. Based on the request of Kerala Government, IIT Roorkee had earlier conducted a study on the ‘structural stability’ of the Mullaperiyar dam in the event of possible earthquakes.The report of IIT Roorkee and Delhi was placed before the Supreme Court. The Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D) said that the dam would be ‘Hydrologically Unsafe’ in the event of heavy rainfall and subsequent floods.

The Government of Kerala had also asked the apex institute to study the dam’s Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) water level.The study by IIT Delhi said that, “The maximum probable rainfall in two days in the catchment area of the dam is about 65 cms, while the PMF recorded is 2,91,275 cusecs. If the catchment area receives heavy rainfall, the PMF level of water in the dam could go up to 158 feet which is more than the maximum level allowed. This would result into collapsing of its walls and consequent flooding.” The Mullaperiyar Dam is hydrologically unsafe for passing the estimated Probable Maximum Flood with the existing spillway capacity, it concluded.

As per the earlier report “the Mullaperiyar dam site lies on the western coast of India in the State of Kerala.  It lies in Seismic Zone III as per the seismic zoning map of India where a maximum intensity of VII is expected. As the Mullaperiyar dam is more than 110 years old, constructed in stone masonry in lime surkhi mortar, it is envisaged that this old dam will be vulnerable under a future strong motion earthquake in the region and in the eventuality of dam failure may result in human and economical losses.” If the dam breaks down it is said to affect the life of almost more than 30 lakh people.

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