December 25th, 2011
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Mullaperiyar: Protest committee splits

Mullaperiyar-dam-satelliteIdukki: Protests were held at Chappath demanding the resignation of the protest committee chairman C P Roy who had stated that there was no need of a new dam. An emergency meeting was held at Chappath to discuss and resolve the issue. CP Roy wrote a letter to the Prime Minister mentioning an alternate solution to the Mullaperiyar dam issue. According to him after reducing the water level to the minimum a tunnel could be built through which water could be supplied to Tamil Nadu. The height of the tunnel could be maintained at 50 feet he added.

CP Roy stated that the problem of both the states could be resolved amicably without causing problems for either of the states. Tamil Nadu farmers welcomed the suggestions of CP Roy. The Theni collector stated that he shall act as the mediator between Kerala and Tamil Nadu if and when such a situation arises.

Meanwhile the other fraction has demanded that  no other solution other than that of a new dam shall be acceptable to the people of Kerala. Water resource minister P J Joseph said that the protest should not get diverted and that all should remain adamant on the building of a new dam.

Plan to resolve Mullaperiyar issue

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