December 8th, 2011
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Life first, Ayyappa next

mullaperiyar-agitationSalem: For Jagatveerapandian,  the 50-year old pilgrim from Salem in Tamil Nadu, the incident at Vandenmedu in Idukki district on Monday night,  was a nightmare. Talking to , Jagatveerapandian said the he had to face a horrible experience at Vandenmedu from miscreants in the name of the agitation on the Mullaperiyar dam issue and he along with his motley group  beat a hasty retreat. He said he had chosen the Vandanmedu route after crossing Kumbamedu check-post to prevent the difficulty at Kumily check-post.

The badly shaken Jagat, who along with his three-year-old daughter,  mother and a relative,  were travelling  in a fancy car,  when it was stopped at Vandanmedu by a group of well built men allegedly in a drunken state  hurled abuses at them and broke the car’s front and back window panes with stones, even though they identified themselves as Sabarimala pilgrims and begged for mercy. According to Jagat  the repeated pleas of his mother fell on deaf ears. He said that  his 2 year old kid,  fast asleep in the car when it was attacked, was terrified after witnessing the vandalism and reportedly lost the control of her bowels and bladder.

Sabarimala Ayyappa Seva Samajam national general secretary  Kummanam Rajasekharan has condemned the attacks on Sabarimala pilgrim vehicles at Vandenmedu in the name of Mullaperiyar dam issue on Monday night. Deploring the attacks in which 30-odd vehicles were badly damaged at Vandenmedu, Kummanam Rajasekharan asked the State Government to give fool-proof security and protection to the pilgrim vehicles,  which come from Tamil Nadu.   Kummanam decried  the ugly turn of events,  in which pilgrim vehicles were targeted by hooligans  in the name of Mullaperiyar dam issue.

Many Ayyappa devotees feel that the incident has decreased their faith on the Sabarimalai deity and added that they would never again make the mistake of visiting the holy shrine again, ‘why did not Lord Ayyappa save us from these hooligans, I think he himself needs protection hence how can he protect us,’ bemoans Shekhar another victim.

One Response to “ Life first, Ayyappa next ”


    The news of the attack on sabarimala pilgrims from Tamil Nadu in kerala is shocking.It is a highly condemnable act and there is no justification to this hooliganism.


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