December 13th, 2011
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Mullaperiyar: Water level to be retained at 136

SUPREME-COURTNew Delhi: The Supreme Court has rejected Kerala governments petition of reducing the Mullaperiyar dam water level to 120 feet. The apex court has asked the state government to retain the water level at 136 feet. There seems to be no urgent need to change the amount of water stored in the dam, the court observed.

“Safety of the people is paramount, whether in Tamil Nadu or Kerala. This can’t be compromised. However, they said that there seems to be no urgent need to change the amount of water stored in the dam; a special committee appointed by the Supreme Court is examining this and the overall safety of the dam, they pointed out. If there would have been an emergency situation, the committee would have taken up the matter or brought it to our notice. In the absence of either, we believe the situation is not grave as being projected,” the judges said.

Kerala government has withdrawn the petition filed by it in the apex court. The court observed that the Centre must intervene and resolve the issue amicably at the earliest. “The Prime Minister must call both the states for a dialogue and arrive at a solution. The life of people is of predominant concern. The matter cannot be taken lightly. Kerala’s apprehensions are not baseless. Heavy rains and persistent earthquakes are a matter of concern and have been brought under our notice.

The court had also considered the Tamil Nadu government’s petition of increasing the dam water level to increase the water level to 142 feet. The court criticized Tamil Nadu government of publishing the Supreme Courts earlier verdicts as advertisements.


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