September 28th, 2011
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Muslim League and EK Sunni clash over AP Sunni issue

Muslim leagueKozhikode: Indian Union Muslim League’s corporation with A P Sunni faction is unacceptable, said Samastha E K Sunni faction. This decision was declared at the E K Sunni factions Mushavara meet held at Kozhikode. They also firmly objected against the league ministers attending A P Sunni factions function or meetings.

After the division in the Samastha E K Sunni faction A P Sunni group that stood with Muslim League in the Panchayat and parliament elections, asked its members to vote for the UDF as per their conscience. Whereas, during the Legislative Assembly elections they asked each and every member to vote only for the UDF. AP Sunni’s relation with the Muslim League grew stronger after the elections.

The Muslim League leaders M K Muneer and E T Muhammad have attended the Markaz conference.

Muslim League Kerala President, Shihab Thangal participated in today’s Mushavara conference. The E K Sunni faction are clashing with Muslim league over their new relationship with the AP Sunni faction.




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