November 17th, 2011
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Nawaz Sharif asks Hindus not to migrate to India


nawas-sharifIslamabad: Pakistan’s opposition leader Nawaz Sharif reassured the Hindus who are living in Pakistan that they are safe in their own land. This statement comes three days after three Hindus doctors were killed in broad daylight in Sindh province. Hindu’s who feel unsafe have been thinking of migrating to India.


“Hindus are as much part of Pakistan as Muslims. It is duty of the government to provide protection to the minorities in the country. I tell them don’t worry about your future. Don’t think about migrating to India,” Sharif told the community leaders during his visit to the area to assuage the feelings of the grieved families.


“You are very much Pakistanis and should remain here,” Sharif said. Hindus reside in large numbers in the interior and rural reasons of the southern Sindh province.


Former Prime Minister Sharif, who heads the main opposition party, Nawaz Muslim League was addressing a gathering of the Hindu community in Chak town where the tragic incident took place over an apparent dispute over a girl. Police so far have failed to make inroads into the case with the main culprits at large. The incident has caused widespread outrage in Pakistan with the Hindus questioning their status as Pakistani citizens after failing to get justice.


“I tell the Hindu community today we are with you. We will ensure you get justice and the killers are arrested,” Sharif said. “It is the failure of any government if it cannot provide justice to minorities in the country. The government machinery should have been based in Chak until the killers were arrested.”


Although President Asif Zardari has ordered an inquiry into the incident and pressed for the arrest of the killers the Hindu community leaders allege that the police and influentials of the area are protecting the killers.




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