March 28th, 2012
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India’s security at risk,army has run out of ammunation: VK Singh writes

VK-SinghNew Delhi: Army Chief General VK Singh is said to have a written a letter to the Prime Minister on March 12, 2012 expressing his concern regarding the distressing state of affairs in the Indian armed forces. According to him the infrastructure in the armed forces is in a deplorable state. According to sources India’s security is at risk as that army tanks have run out of ammunition, the air defence is almost obsolete and the infantry is falling short of critical weapons.

The General asked the Prime Minister to “pass suitable directions to enhance the preparedness of the Army”.  The chief described the state of artillery, air defence, and infantry as “alarming.” He writes the army’s tanks are “devoid of critical ammunition to defeat enemy tanks” and air defence is “97% obsolete and it doesn’t give the deemed confidence to protect… from the air.” General Singh is said to have forwarded a similar letter a few weeks earlier directly to the Defence Minister.

General Singh also pointed out that the ‘hollowness’ in the system is a manifestation of the procedures and processing time for procurements as well as legal impediments by vendors. General Singh also mentioned that the work quality was poor and there was a ‘lack of urgency at all levels’ on matters of national security. General Singh feels such shortcomings erode the Army’s preparedness considering two “inimical neighbours” and the “reality of large land borders”.

The Army Chief’s letter has created ruckus in both Houses of Parliament, with Opposition creating an uproar over the issue. Defence Minister AK Antony told Rajya Sabha he was aware of the letter and that a response would be given “at an appropriate time”. The Prime Minister is meeting Mr Antony, Home Minister P Chidambaram and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee to discuss the latest controversy.

This current leak regarding the letter sent to the Prime Mnister comes at a time when the  government is dealing with the 14-crore bribe that is supposed to occurred in 2010 to clear 600 substandard trucks for the army


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