August 19th, 2011
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A zen Master once requested a disciple to send a particular parcel to a person. The address of the person could not be easily found and the disciple also forgot the task entrusted to him.

The first day, the Master asked him, ‘Is the parcel ready?’

‘No, Master, I will get it ready tomorrow.’

The next day, again the Master asked, ‘Where is the parcel?’

‘Master, I completely forgot.’

In a slightly raised voice the Master gave instructions as to where the address was to be found.

‘Yes, master, I will do it tomorrow,’ promised the disciple.

The following day, when the disciple went to look for the address at the place specified by the Master, he was not able to find it. He did not look for it again and once more forgot about the matter.

On the third day, the Master found that the parcel was still not ready for his inspection.

When the disciple appeared, the Master asked him,’Did you forget to have your breakfast today? You have forgotten to send this parcel because you do not consider it as important as your breakfast. I must have the parcel tomorrow.’

When the parcel was ready the next day, the Master said, ‘I am not sure whether you are going to post it. You must send it by registered post and bring the receipt to me. Then only you may have your lunch.’

While waiting at his cottage for the disciple, the Master said, ‘I am not getting up from here till he sends that parcel, brings the receipt and shows it to me.’

When the disciple finally returned after sending the parcel, he appeared frightened and shivering.

‘Have this dish of stew. You must come and sit in front of me and have your food. I must see you eating it,’ the Master lovingly said to him.

As the Master was having his food he made the disciple also sit in front of him and eat.


Tailpiece – The Grace of the spiritual master will itself, in a mysterious manner, enable the disciple to perceive directly the supreme principle within, and help the disciple to progress in his spiritual journey.


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