December 30th, 2011
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New dam is not the only solution: MLA VT Balaram


Thiruvananthapuram: The building of a new dam is not the only solution to the Mullperiyar issue and we have seriously think about alternative solutions, Congress MLA VT Balaram said. His views were expressed on his facebook profile page. “We all must seriously think of the alternative solutions to the Mullapperiyar dispute, other than building of the new dam. I have sincere doubts about the practicality of a new dam, given the urgency of decommissioning of the existing one. The present “storage dam” at Mullapperiyar has to be redefined as a “diversion dam” by allowing TN to take more water from the reservoir and letting them build new storage facilities within their territory. It is high time we get out of the “New Dam Only solution” paranoia,” he said.

His facebook post has received heavy response. Few days back Prof CP Roy Chairman of the Samara Samithi had also stated that there was no need of a new dam. CP Roy wrote a letter to the Prime Minister mentioning an alternate solution to the Mullaperiyar dam issue. Environmentalists and technocrats believe that there are other alternative solutions to the given issue and that there was no need for the governments to be adamant about the building of a new dam. However, the government still remains mum about the possibility of exploring alternative solutions. Several people within the government itself have opposing views and apprehensions regarding the new dam which is not yet being expressed in public.

Mr Balaram told doolnews that the views expressed on facebook were is own personal views and that he was not against the governments declared policy- “Safety for Kerala, Water for Tamil Nadu”. The safety of the people is of prime importance, he said.

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