August 13th, 2011
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This is what we call superfast tea!

Special Story / Subin Mananthavady

chayaKozhikode: It is a daily ritual for most people, to have a cup of tea at a teashop, a roadside eatery or a restaurant.The usual orders are either lite, strong or medium. This can get confusing for the person who makes the tea, especially when he is hard-pressed for time.

A young man, Nithin Ramdas, a B-tech student has come up with a unique solution –  a tea maker machine. It has four knobs: one for tea, the second for sugar, the third for water and  the fourth for milk. “By adjusting the knobs, you can control the amount of tea, milk and water that falls into the cup,” says Nithin. “Every now and then, the containers have to be replenished.”

The inspiration behind the invention is Nithin’s own father. “My father Ramdas has been running a tea shop in Chennai for the past 25 years,” says Nithin, who is from Koyilandy in Kozhikode district. “I used to see my father’s confusion when customers ordered different types of tea at the same time. That’s when I decided to invent a machine for my father.”

This machine makes  five cups of  tea in 15 seconds. “I had an initial expenditure of Rs 15,000,” he says. He bought the spare parts from
Chennai. It works on a battery for a duration of nine hours and by then by electricity. “I have applied for a patent in Chennai,” says Nithin. Now he is engrossed in constructing a coffee machine, by modifying his tea machine.

Nithin graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Nehru College,Thrissur, in 2009. After which, he worked for a year in a private
firm in Kozhikode. It was then that he invented a coconut climbing machine. But it was not a success, because it developed
technical glitches. “But I am optimistic and i hope to invent many more new things in future,” he says, with a smile.


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