February 2nd, 2012
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Newspaper agents boycott TOI- Mathrubhumi combo pack

Times of India

Kozhikode: The newspaper agents boycott of Times of India in Malabar enters its second day.  The agents decided to boycott the newspaper as they refused to discuss matters regarding the demand notice and refused to rectify the drawbacks in the grant of commission.

Times of India that began publishing in Kerala from February onwards intended to circulate its newspaper with Mathrubhumi as a combo pack. Currently when an agent distributes a newspaper he receives 26% commission. However while distributing both Times of India and Mathrubhumi the agents are receiving a commission of only 33%, said K A Nazar Kerala Newspaper Union coordinator committee district secretary.

“In other states Times of India gives their distributors a 50% commission. Here when Times is distributed with other newspapers a commission of 24.5 % is given. Then Times of India must be giving its distributors 50.5% commission while distributing the paper along with Mathrubhumi. At present they are giving only 33%. That means while we distribute a newspaper worth Rupees 6 we receive a commission worth merely 1.90 paisa,” Nazar said.

The newspaper agents had earlier sent a notice to Mathrubhumi and Times of India furnishing their demands. However, they did not respond to their notice. Following, the agents boycott the distribution of both the papers. According to them this kind of discrimination is mainly because representatives of Times of India and Mathrubhumi are at the realm of Indian Newspaper Association. Mathrubhumi is forgetting that many years back when Times of India tried to buy Mathrubhumi shares and take it over the people of Kerala had formed a human chain protesting their move. It is the same Mathrubhumi that is joining hands with Times of India to deceive the agents.




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