November 30th, 2011
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NHRC to look into Mullaperiyar issue

Mullaperiyar-Human-right-commission New Delhi: The NHRC has decided to look into the Mullaperiyar issue. The full commission will hear Mullaperiyar Dam issue on Monday. Kerala has been insisting and demanding immediate action regarding the Mullaperiyar issue. The Kerala MP’s had submitted a petition to the NHRC requesting an inquiry into the issue. NHRC Chairman, Justice K G Balakrishnan has informed the centre and the state that it will look into the matter.

The commission would try to find a solution to the problems that the people would face in case the dam breaks. The commission however, stated that a the commission would have certain limitations as the matter is under consideration in the Supreme Court. Thirteen political leaders from Kerala had approached the NHRC seeking its intervention.

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