April 5th, 2012
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No action against Hafiz Saeed without concrete proof

Hafiz-SaeedIslamabad: Pakistan today stated that the US could not take any action against Jamaat-ud-Dawah chief and LeT founder Hafeez Saeed in the absence of concrete proof. “We have clearly stated our position that there is no concrete evidence (against Saeed). Pakistan would prefer to have concrete evidence to initiate a legal process but in the absence of that, we cannot do anything,” said Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit.

According to him the US State Department had offered a bounty of millions of dollars for evidence and information against Saeed is in itself proof that they did not posses evidence against the two individuals. “Obviously, Pakistan would not come under any pressure because ours is a principled and legal position,” Basit said. Pakistan believes the US has “respect for our judicial system” and both countries “should be mindful of each other’s limitations”, he added.

“A national government can take any step that is not in violation of the international law. I am not sure whether a bounty is covered under international law,” he added. “I see no discrepancy or dichotomy in our stated position and what we have actually been saying to the US,” Basit said.


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