April 11th, 2012
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‘No fatalities, no tsunami threat': Indonesian President Susilo Bambang

indonesian-president, eartquake and tsunami alert Jakarta: Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said that there were no reports of fatalities or destruction of property. No tsunami has occurred  following 8.5-magnitude quake off Sumatra, he added.“Praise be to God, so far there have been no fatalities or damage related to the earthquake,” which the U.S. Geological Survey measured at a magnitude of 8.7, Mr. Yudhoyono said.“We are in coordination with authorities in Aceh and things are under control,” he added.

“There is no tsunami threat although we are on alert,” said President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in a televised speech from the Presidential Palace in Jakarta on Wednesday afternoon. “The situation in Aceh is under control, there’s a little bit of panic but people can go to higher ground,” Yudhoyono said, adding that he had ordered a disaster relief team to fly to Aceh, which was devastated by a 2004 tsunami. British Prime Minister David Cameron, said Britain was standing ready to help if needed.

A powerful earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 8.7 hit waters 308 miles (495 kilometers) off Banda Aceh this afternoon, causing a tsunami warning to be issued for much of the Indian Ocean. But the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) said that the earthquake was not as likely to produce a tsunami as past quakes. Wednesday’s earthquake caused the earth to shift horizontally along fault lines in what is called a “slip-slide” motion, Sutopo said. The 9.1-magnitude that struck Aceh on Dec. 26, 2004 triggered a tsunami because the earth’s crust moved vertical in what is called a “megatrust” motion, he added. “The potentials for a tsunami ia not as big as in 2004,” Sutopo told Antara on Wednesday.


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