April 20th, 2012
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“No one can deter Mamata Banerjee in serving you”

mamata-banerjeeKolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee who has been the dart board for a bunch of razor sharp allegations hurled mercilessly at her said that no amount of negative publicity would deter her from her goal of bringing development for the people.

“No one can deter Mamata Banerjee in serving you. I will prove to those who are out to tarnish our government through a campaign of lies, wrong. No amount of browbeating or propaganda will help,” she said. She accused a section of the media for painting a bad picture of her government.

She was advising people on what television channels they should watch. Singling out two news channels, she alleged that they were dishing out lies daily. She said canards were being spread when she was making tireless efforts to restore the past glory of West Bengal which was ruined during the 34 years of Left rule. “There are two to three television channels of the CPI(M) that you should not watch. Instead listen to songs on other channels,” Mamata said. “I do not care about fingers pointed against me. I do not care for anybody. I only care for Ma, Mati, Manush of Bengal,” Ms Banerjee told a rally in North 24 Parganas district.

“The day Ma, Mati, Manush will tell me that I am unable to run the government, I will quit. I will not cling to the chair like the Communist Party of India (Marxist). I do not have lust for power,” Ms Banerjee said. “I have no family. The people are my family. I have come here after giving blood for the cause of the people,” she added.

In a bizarre irrational message Food Supplies Minister Jyotipriya Mullick had declared earlier a restraining order on all Trinamool Congress members.”Don’t mingle with the CPM. Don’t even talk to them if you meet them at a local chai (tea) shop. We have vowed to boycott the CPM socially. Our workers must make sure that nobody in their family enters into any marital relationship with any CPM leader or supporter,” he said.

After sacking Dinesh Trivedi for hiking rail fares they claimed that the reports of rape incidents in Kolkata were fabricated. Kolkata police officers inquiring into the rape cases were transferred. After which major newspaper dailies were banned in state libraries due to the fear that it would change the thinking of the people. The state decided that the youth in West Bengal should grow oblivious of the works and thoughts of the great thinker’s such as Marx and Engles, hence they were scrapped out of the school text books. Most recently Mamata Banerjee declared through her actions that she has no sense of humour for she thrashed and arrested a JU professor who allegedly dared to circulate “anti-Mamata Banerjee” cartoons on the internet. These acts of the Trinamool has put them in bad light.



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