September 10th, 2011
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“No religion permits killing of innocent persons”: Afsal Guru

afsal-guruNew Delhi: Afzal Guru, 2001 Parliament attack convict stated that he had no involvement in the  recent Delhi High court blast that killed 13 and left several other injured.”I am disturbed that my name has been unnecessarily dragged in this connection. Some agencies/groups are playing dirty game by falsely involving my name,” Guru claimed.

Pakistan-based Harkat-ul-Jehadi Islami had claimed responsibility for the terror bombing outside the Delhi High Court. They had demanded the repeal of  Afzal Guru’s death sentence. Afsal Guru had been sentenced to death by the Supreme Court after he was convicted for the December 13, 2001 parliament attack. His clemency plea is with the President. The message traced to an Internet cafe in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kishtwar district had threatened to carry out more such attacks if the death penalty to Guru was not immediately repealed.

However, Guru claimed he had nothing to do with the blast. In a statement circulated to the media by his counsel ND Panchi, he said, “This is not for the first time that my name has been dragged by some mischievous persons/groups for such heinous crimes. It has become a routine that whenever such blasts take place my name is sought to be dragged in order to de-characterize and malign me to cultivate public opinion against me. It is a serious matter of concern that some criminal elements and anti-social persons committed that heinous and barbarous crime of bomb blast in the Delhi High Court. It is a cowardly act and must be condemned by all. No religion permits killing of innocent persons.”



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