January 23rd, 2012
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No waste shall enter Villapilshala:Shajar Khan

vilappil-shalaKozhikode: Vehicles filled with waste shall not be permitted to enter Villapilshala and we refuse to take a step back from this decision, said Aikyadhrtya Committee convener Shajar Khan said.  He was reacting to the High Court verdict demanding the reopening of the plant.

” We never expected the High court to arrive at such a verdict.  Through the advocate we had given the court a detailed description of the current situation. If the court arrived at this verdict after verifying the report then the discussion of the High Court is arbitrary,” Shajar Khan told Doolnews.

“We didn’t shut down the plant. It is the corporation that shut down the plant. We have decided that not a single vehicle loaded with waste shall enter this plant. We shall not budge from our decision. The government must take a decision on this matter. If the government attempts to employ force to squash the issue they shall only fail miserably,” he added. ”

“Instead of trying to forcefully dump the waste on the people of Villapilshala the government should establish an effective waste disposal system. That is the only solution to the problem. corporation took this matter before court. We need to enquire whether there was any need for the court to interfere in the situation,” he said.



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