February 3rd, 2012
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Nurses agitation: Discussion failed, management to take action

nursesKochi: The strike organized by the nurses at Kolenjery and Lakeshore hospital with continue. The management of Lakeshore hospital and the representatives of the striking nurses met for a discussion in the presence of the Marad muncipal chairman. However the discussion failed.  The nurses had demanded an increase in minimum wages.

MD Dr Phillip Augustine said, the demands of the nurses shall be met on  February 9  during the director board meeting that shall be presided over by chairman Yusof Ali. The nurses however stated that they were not ready to wait till the 9th of this month. The management has not been able to assure that there would surely be a hike in the wages. The United Nurses Association informed the media that they would further strengthen their protest against the hospital management.

The management has warned the nurses that stringent action shall be taken against them if they refuse to bring an end to the protest immediately.




One Response to “ Nurses agitation: Discussion failed, management to take action ”

  1. Anoop

    Management should accept their request.They hospitals are taking huge amounts from patients and they refuse to give a part of it as salary!! Government should make the salary as aided getting money from the Hospitals


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