February 23rd, 2012
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Nurses protest at Fathima hospital, MD alleged to have hurled abuses

Kozhikode: The nurses at Fathima hospital here, went on a strike today afternoon. The Managing Director, Mr Abdulla is alleged to have verbally abused and used derogatory language towards the nurses who went to enquire about the dismissal of a fellow colleague. The infuriated, insulted nurses immediately declared a flash strike in protest against the MD’s behaviour. More than 50 nurses participated in the strike. The strike was organized in such a way that it does not affect the normal functioning of the hospital.

Senior nurse Martin was dismissed form service today for his involvement in nurses Union related activities. To discuss  the unexplained sudden dismissal of Mr Martin the nurses representative approached the management. However during the discussion the Managing Director, Mr Abdulla lost his temper and abused the nurses. The Managing Director allegedly attempted to slap one of the nurses. Following this the nurses walking out of the hospital in protest against the MD’s behaviour and demanded a public apology from him.

fathima-hospital-nurse-strike-in-21According to the nurses Martin has been under intense pressure from the management. “The management went to Martin’s home and threatened him. Another male nurse was shifted from one department to another even without informing him. When he questioned this move of the general manager told him it was the decision taken by the Managing Director,” the nurses told doolnews.

The agitating nurses also demanded an increase in the basic pay to 8500 rupees and the grant of allowances allotted to them. They also threatened to initiate an indefinite strike if the management refuses to consider these demands. However after a brief discussion between the nurses representative, Mr Mubarrak and the management they arrived at a temporary solution to the problem.

After the discussion the hospital management assured the nurses that the dismissed nurses shall be reinstated. They have also agreed to increase the basic pay of the nurses to rupess 8500 as demanded by the nurses. The other decisions taken were- to give special consideration to BSC nursing students, to determine the salary of the nurses based on their experience and to introduce 3 shift system in the hospital.

A notice seeking a hike in basic pay to 8500 was handed over to the management one moth back. Following which the management increased their salary to 7500 rupees from 1450, said a nurse who was participating in the protest. The nurses however, stated that except for the pay hike no other demand was met by the management.

The protesting nurses had also demanded that the hospital bring into practice the 2009 rules related to nursing services as introduced by the State government. Mr Mubarrak told the media gathered there that a notice stating these needs of the nurses hall be handed over to the management and 10 days time shall be granted for them to arrive at a decision. If the management ignores the needs of the nurses they would organize an agitation against the hospital management.



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