November 10th, 2011
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“Occupy London”: Protestors occupy Trafalgar Square

Occupy London protest London: The “Occupy London” campaigners who are protesting against increasing privatisation of higher education “occupied” Trafalgar Square, a major tourist attraction in the heart of Central London, and pitched tents at the base of historic Nelson’s column. The police moved in quickly and forcibly evicted them.

“Trafalgar Square has been a focal point for demonstrations for years. We all know something is wrong, something needs to change, and the more people who realise that they are not alone in this the better,” said one student watching the police remove the tents.

Thousands of students marched through London against cuts to university funding and bravely faced the police forces armed with rubber bullets. The “occupation” happened as protesters marched to the City of London, Britain’s financial hub to join the anti-capitalist campaigners camping outside St Paul’s Cathedral, near the London Stock Exchange. The area swarmed with banner-waving protesters, some wearing masks and hoods, and scuffles broke out as police in riot helmets and carrying batons tried to restrict their movements.

Hundreds of extra police were deployed and helicopters hovered in the sky as students raising slogans and carrying banners that read “Scrap Tuition Fees” and “Free Education” wound their way through central London. Three-week old “Occupy London” campaign against corporate greed is spreading.

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