August 12th, 2011
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Do not open valut B: Devaprasnam

Padhmanabha Swamy shethramThiruvananthapuram: The astrologers who conducted a four day ‘devaprasnam’ at Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple, have warned of disastrous consequences, if the underground B vault is opened.  All vaults have been examined by the Supreme Court team  except the one marked ‘B’ which is said to be linked to the chithanyam of the presiding diety.

The ‘devaprasnam’ which is considered to be an astrological process that reveals the will of God, has unvieled that the riches found in the temple vaults belonged to the presiding diety and it should not be moved, displayed evaluated, or photograph and if disregarded the families of the discrepant’s shall succumb to snake bites and the entire clan would be annhilated.

Astrologers Narayana Ranga Bhatt and Padmanabha Sharma told journalists that the ‘prasnam’ revealed,that the opening of this vault will incur the displeasure of the ‘devan’ and disaster shall be let loose upon the inhabitants of the land.The vault which was found to have an underground link with the sanctum sanctorum of the Temple is not merely a repository of riches but a safe house of the ‘sannidhyam’ of the ‘devan’,” he added.

The ‘prasnam’ revealed that people associated with the disclosure of the Temple riches  were guilty of  blasphemy. The astrologers listed a series of penances which includes readings of three Vedas, one lakh ‘Thila Homams’, 24,000 ‘Maha Sudarsana Homams’, 24,000 ‘Laghu Sudarsana Homams’ and ‘ Sukritha Homam.’

The astrologers’ warnings has come at a time when the Supreme Court-appointed team is making an assessment of the riches of the temple. Media reports had put the value of the wealth discovered thus far at Rs 1 trillion, which would make the temple the richest in the world. But the team members examining the treasures have said it was not part of their brief to value the finds in the vaults.

The unopened ‘B’ cellar has been firing popular imagination, with speculation that it will reveal an underground passage linking different parts of the city. There is also speculation that the vault may be linked to the sea, and also that it may have more treasures than were discovered in the other vaults. The ‘B’ vault happens to be under the idol of the presiding deity of the temple, which is in a reclining posture.


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