February 6th, 2012
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Pak cannot afford wars against India: Gilani

gilaniIslamabad: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani stated that as Pakistan “cannot afford wars” in the 21st century the Kashmir issue would have to be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy. He was addressing a convention at the Prime Minister’s Secretariat to mark ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’.

“We want to resolve issues through dialogue, diplomacy, prudent policy and national consensus,” he said. “We are committed to continue with the moral, political and diplomatic support to Kashmiris. The whole nation, including all the political parties, is united on the cause of Kashmir,” he added.

‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ has been observed by Pakistan since 1990 to highlight the Kashmir issue. It is a national holiday in Pakistan.Kashmir Day was first proposed by Qazi Hussain Ahmad of the Jamaat-e-Islami party in Pakistan in 1990. Pakistan considers Kashmir as the core issue, between India and Pakistan, leading to three wars and devoting a major portion of their national incomes to defense budgets.

Rallies were held across Pakistan. During the rallies, Pakistanis pledged to continue supporting the Kashmiris for what they claimed was their “right to self-determination”.

Special prayers were offered at mosques and hundreds of people formed a human chain in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Banners calling for Kashmir’s freedom were put up along roads in cities and towns across Pakistan.


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