February 17th, 2012
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Pamolien case was sabotaged: VS

VS-achuthananthanThiruvananthapuram: “I have evidences to prove that the pamolien case was sabotaged,” Opposition leader Vs Achuthananthan told the press personnel at a press conference convened at Thiruvananthapuram. “The role played by Chief Minister Oommen Chandy is evident in T H Mustafa’s statement.

Even though there are so many evidences against Mr Oommen Chandy, it is shocking that the Vigilance secretary submitted absolute lies before the court. This has to be inquired. What appeared before the court is the script written by Oommen Chandy and Thrivanchoor Radhakrishnan. The documents that pointed out the irregularities in the petition and vigilance report were handed over to the press.

He said if needed he shall be a plaintiff in the case and is inquiring into its possibilities. ” If Mr Oommen Chandy thinks he can escape from this case with the resignation of the special prosecutor, then he is day dreaming. The Chief Minister is attempting to sabotage even the supreme court verdict in relation to the case,” Mr VS Achuthananthan said.

” It is I who requested an inquiry into the involvement of Mr Oommen Chandy in the case. When the Pamolien case came for discussion at the Legislative Assembly no one was ready to react to it for the first three months. The attempts have not been to merely rescue Mr Oommen Chandy but to sabotage the entire case.”



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