February 20th, 2012
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Pathmanabhaswamy temple treasure evaluation today

pathmanabhaswami-templeThiruvananthapuram: The evaluation of the treasures in the E and F vault of Pathmanabhaswamy temple began today. Initially they had planned to open the C vault. However, as the Thiruvananthapuram sub court had sealed the vault, hence they could not open the vault. The expert team would move the Supreme Court to permit them to open vault C too.

After sorting out the valuables, details regarding it shall be recorded in the computer. The valuables shall be segregated into the following categories- archeological significance, those of artistic value, the ones used for daily temple rituals and those of only economic value. Purity analyzer shall be used to identify the weight and purity of the valuables. 3 D images of the valuables shall also be taken.

Expert Committee member Dr S Nambiraj is in charge of the scientific evaluation of the assets. Novel scientific technologies of  VSSC shall be used to assess the assets. The valuation is being done by RBI officials Under the supervision of an experts committee appointed by the Supreme Court.


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