September 15th, 2011
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PDP MLA seeks amendment to J&K constitution

nizamuddin-bhatKashmir: The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) legislator Nizam-ud-Din Bhat from Bandipora in Jammu and Kashmir submitted a highly controversial private member Bill in the legislative assembly seeking amendment in the state’s constitution. He has sought the deletion of crucial sections of the J& K constitution. According to the bill he has sought amendment of Section 147 of the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir.

As per the current legislation no amendment can be made in Section 147 that includes section 3 and 5. Bhat has sought deletion of Section 3 of state constitution as “must” for resolving the Kashmir “dispute”. He has also sought deletion of Section 5 of the constitution. These are sections that ensure that J&K will remain an intergral part of India.

The PDP MLA said, “Exiting proviso is violation of basics of the constitutional guarantees and runs against the spirit of changing democracy in J&K which is facing the problem of alienation. Also, to debar legislature from bringing a piece of legislation is an undesirable restriction which needs to be removed.” Bhat added that the motive behind the bill is to get the constitutional powers to solve the Kashmir tangle.

He said this move is to only increase the power of the legislation. He wants the clause that imposes restrictions to the amendment to section 3 and 5 to be removed and substituted by a new clause which provides the power to amend the section as and when deemed fit by the legislators.

Opposition Peoples Democratic Party has dissociated from the private member bill moved by its legislator, Nizam-ud-Din Bhat. “The party disassociates itself from the bill and there is no question of supporting it. The member has moved it in his individual capacity and without any prior knowledge to party leadership,” said PDP chief spokesman, Naeem Akthar.

The BJP spokesperson stated that they are “opposed to any such move or design which tends to weaken the relationship of the State of Jammu and Kashmir with the republic of India even physically or psychologically.”




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