November 15th, 2011
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Pillai is behind the attack: Valakom Teacher

Vallakom brutal attack on teacher case: Krishna KumarThiruvananthapuram: The Valakom teacher Krishna Kumar  who was brutally attacked today said that he has strong reasons to believe that the former Kerala Minister R Balakrishnan Pillai was behind the whole incident. He was speaking to the media today at the hospital. ” Balakrishnan Pillai is behind this attack. My life is still in danger. I need police protection. Pillai opens his mouth only to eat food and to lie. All the allegations raised by Pillai against me were false. It has no element of truth in it. The investigation into the attack has not been conducted efficiently. Many more need to be interrogated,” Krishna Kumar told the press.

According to him, Ganesh Kumar’s staff members Shyam Kumar, Pradeep, Ranjith need to be questioned. I strongly believe that Pillai is behind this attack. Since 2008 we have been a prey to his assaults. He has filed 5 cases against my wife and me. Of the 5 cases, 2 cases were filed by Pillai himself. What I am saying are not lies. Unlike Pillai I don’t lie,” he said.

Pillai has been stating that he gave my wife and me jobs free of cost. This is not true. I joined the job in 1992. I gave money more than what was being taken at that time. When I gave 50,000 rupees he refused to accept the amount. Then I gave him an extra of 20,000 after which he appointed me. When my wife joined service I had to pay 1 lakh for the job.

Balakrishnan Pillai had said that he knew Krishna Kumar since Kumar was a child. The teacher however, stated the claim to be false. My father brought me up well. I never had to live out of anybody’s generosity. Pillai used to call whenever he had any needs to be fulfilled. My father used to help him out then. Till 2006 Pillai’s election responsibility was on my father.

When asked about the attack. He said that he could not remember anything regarding the attack. Though I have mumbled things while I was in the ICU I cant remember anything clearly. The doctors have said that I should take 2 months of rest. I am not allowed to keep my foot down for an entire month. Krishna Kumar has been discharged from hospital. Hew will have to take rest at home. If necessary he may be subjected to specialized care and attention.

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