March 3rd, 2012
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Piravom election shall be favourable for Congress: Balakrishnan Pillai

balakrishnappillaKochi: ‘The conditions are favorable for the congress in the Piravom by elections’, Kerala Congress B leader R Balakrishnan Pillai said. The Congress has immense confidence and is expecting the results to be in our favour, he said while speaking at a press conference held at Eranakulam.

The people of Kerala are contented with the functioning of the Congress in the last eight months. The people of Kerala desires the congress to come back in power. The Piravom results shall be a reflection of the desires of the people. Kerala’s Chief Minister sacrifices even his sleep for the people of this state. It would be hard to find such a chief minister in any other state of India, he said.

“While the LDF government was ruling the state the UDF organised very few strikes. Now the state is thrown into strike 4 to 5 times in a month. Is this the way an opposition party functions? The hartals organized by the opposition party is affecting even the tourism industry of this state,” Balakrishnan Pillai said.


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