February 7th, 2012
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Political parties fear hospital mangement

vt-balramKozhikode: Political parties are afraid of the hospital management and that prevents them from actively involving themselves in the nurses agitation, said MLA V T Balaram. While speaking to Doolnews Mr Balaram said,” Protecting the interests of the nurses, the government must arrive at an amicable solution to the given problem.”

” Creative solution is what is essential to overcome the nursing problem. Along with the UDF the CPIM must also come forward to solve the issue,” he added.

” There are two reasons as to why political parties shy away from the nursing issue. The primary reason is that the management wield immense power. Another reason being that the nurses working in the hospitals under the administration of the political parties are also abused and harassed, he opined.  ” Its not only the agitating nurses who face problems. The same problem exists even in the CPIM managed Tellicherry hospital and EMS hospital.”


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