July 25th, 2012
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C.P.I.M centrel committe resolution on Kerala issues by V S Achuthanandan

The Deshabhimani, the Kerala C.P.I.M (Communist Party of India-Marxist) led newspaper published this centrel committee resolution today’s (25-07-2012 Wednesday) issue. The resolution was passed C.P.I.M Centrel Committee held on 2012 July 21, 22 in New Delhi.

The Polit bureau met on July 21 and 22 to discuss the situation in Kerala and the challenges faced by the party there. Four polit bureau members including the General Secretary had taken part in the State committee meeting which discussed these issues earlier. A report was submitted to the PB based on this discussion. The Central Committee passed the following resolution-

1. The situation in Kerala was favourable to the party. In the previous assembly elections, the United Democratic Front Government was formed on a slender lead. The UDF Government had amended many people oriented policies of the previous Government. The farmer suicides started again. Communal forces became strong again and the UDF Government took many decisions favouring them. The Muslim League’s demand for a 5th minister was opposed by the other members of the coalition. This created unrest among many sections of the society.

2. The 20th party congress in Kozhikode was held in this background. The ideological and political standpoints taken during this congress and the participation of a large number of people paved the way for increasing the party’s positive influence in the state.

3. It was at this juncture that T.P. Chandrasekharan was murdered in Kozhikode on May 4th. It happened hardly a month after the Party Congress. This murder caused a great deal of public anger. The media’s propaganda added fuel to fire. Right after the murder the Minister of State for Home Affairs Mullappalli Ramachandran accused the CPI (M) of murdering TP. Followed by this, the UDF Government, ministers and other leaders unleashed a wave of accusation against the party. This created a very negative atmosphere for the party in Kerala.

4. The Neyyattinkara bypolls were held on June 2. The UDF and the media used TP’s murder as an election plank against the party. The investigation was turned against the party leaders and workers. Soon, the arrests started. More than 60 party members and supporters were wrongly included in the case and arrested. The Kozhikode and Kannur area, district and local committee members were included in this.

5. The Party leadership could not face this situation in a united way right from the start. Comrade Achuthanandan took a public position in direct opposition to that taken by the State Secretary in this issue. This open style of criticism was criticised by other members of the party. This was mainly done by the State committee members T.K. Hmasa and M.M. mani.

6. In a press conference held on May 12, Achuthanandan compared the stand taken by T.P. Chandraekharan and his followers in Onchiyam to the split that happened in the undivided communist part in 1964. He said that the split in Onchiyam happened because of ideological differences. He compared Pinarayi Vijayan to S A Dange by citing how Dange had branded those who left the party as ‘renegades’. This press conference, in which VS openly challenged the State leadership created lot of repercussions. It created confusion and disappointment among the followers of the party. The National and State media played this up and created an impression that the CPI (M) is facing a huge crisis.

7. VS sent a letter to the General Secretary on May 20. A part of this letter was leaked to the media in Kerala. This created a lot of confusion during the time of the by-election. The General Secretary stated that a letter was received but this was presented in a twisted and false manner by the media.

8. On June 2, VS visited Onchiyam and met TP’s wife and family. This State or district leadership of the party was not informed of this visit. After the murder, the RMP leaders and TP’s wife had said that CPI (M) leaders should not visit their house. The Neyyatinkara by election happened on the same day of VS’s visit. This visit was telecast live by the media and was repeated all through the day. This negatively influenced the result in Neyyatinkara.

9. Some party members, supporters and some district committee members were announced. The party protested when information about the cruel treatment meted out to the leaders in custody were revealed. VS, in a public statement, said that the police investigation was being done in the right way and it is not right to interfere in this. He had taken a position which was against that taken by the party.

10. In his letter to the polit bureau, VS accuses the state leadership of a ‘shift to the right’. This accusation was dismissed by the Central leadership. In cases like the pact with DIC and PDP, after the PB’s intervention, decisions were taken. The State committee is following the stands as taken by the Polit bureau and the Central committee.

11. VS has mentioned the matter of the ADB loan in the letter. The PB had taken a decision in this matter during the LDF regime. The 18th party congress has explained the stand to be taken by the party led Governments when accepting loans from foreign agencies.

12. VS has also used the old accusation against Pinarayi Vijayan in the SNC Lavlin case. The PB and Central committee had discussed this in detail in July 2009. It was found that the allegation against Pinarayi Vijayan were baseless.

13. This proves that VS’s argument that this is an ideological issue is baseless. So, the Central committee cannot agree with VS’s logic that party crushes those who disagree with its political stand. These type of allegations are meant to create tensions in the party.

14. The Central Committee which was held on July 21, 22 has decided to strongly criticise VS’s actions of publicly questioning the party and weakening the party. After the meeting, Comrade VS admitted to being in the wrong when he compared Pinarayi Vijayan to S.A. Dange. He also admitted it to be a mistake his visit to Onchiyam on the day of the Neyyattinkara by-election.

15. Based on this, the Central Committee decided to publicly censure VS for his wrong statements and his actions against the basic tenets of the party. The Committee also asked him to publicly state these self-criticising views. The Party also expects him to be helpful in the united fight against attacks on the party from various quarters.

16. The Neyyattinkara by-election was held at a time when the party was conducting a campaign to defend the attacks against it following the TP murder. At this juncture, the comments made by Idukki district csecretary M.M. Mani negatively affected the party and its campaign. Thi speech was used by the UDF, BJP and the corporate media in conducting a propaganda against the party.

17. The Central Committee asked the State committee to take appropriate action against M.M. Mani for this speech which negatively affected the party’s image.

18. Comrade VS had called TP a brave communist and said that the RMP in Onchiyam were having political differences from the party. Pinarayi Vijayan had called them renegades when they had attacked the party office in Onchiyam in 2008. This renegade comment was repeated by Pinarayi Vijayan even after TP’s murder with a view to protecting the party’s stand. The anti-party media used this comment against us.

19. The Party General Secretary and the State Secretary stated that the party does not have any hand in the murder after anti-party propaganda on a large scale affected the party. The Party’s policy is to oppose political opponents ideologically, not to kill them. However, if anyone from the party is found to be involved in this murder, strong action will be taken against them. The party will conduct an investigation to find out if anyone from the party is involved in this.

20. The Central Committee exhorted the party to face this situation in a united manner. The orchestrated campaign against the party has to be opposed. The Party has to unite the workers against the policies of the UDF and UPA Governments. The Party in Kerala which has a legacy of sacrifices can tide over this crisis.


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