April 4th, 2012
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“We have never tried to emulate models abroad”:Karat


Kozhikode: The CPIM has always believed in applying Marxism-Leninism to the concrete conditions of India, to chalk out its revolutionary path. However we have never tried to emulate models abroad”, party general secretary Prakash Karat said in his inaugural address at the 20th Party Congress in Kozhikode. He criticized the UPA governments for its pursuit of neo-liberal policies that has heaped more burden on the working people. The CPIM considers the fight against the neo-liberal policies as a central task. He said the party would would endeavor to widen and intensify the struggles against the working people who are bearing the brunt of these attacks. The Party Congress would discuss how they should undertake this work.

Prakash Karat also declared war against corruption. In his speech he highlighted the need for tackling corruption that has reached a new record high during the UPA governments regime which is mainly an outcome of the neo-liberal regime. ” There is a nexus of big business, ruling politicians and bureaucrats who are siphoning off public funds and looting scare resources. There is a need for an effective Lokpal, but this alone will not suffice. The fight against corruption should be directed against the neo-liberal regimes and the corrupt nexus that facilitates the looting of public funds. The CPIM and the Left alone have the credibility to fight corruption. The CPIM will wage a determined fight against corruption and bring in a whole range of measures, including electoral reforms that shall aid to curb money power in politics,” he said.

Criticizing communalism that is promoted by the Hindutva forces Mr Karat said the party would consistently fight against communalism that is embedded in the strategy of the ruling class which they use to divide the working classes to bolster the right wing neo liberal policies. The futility of the Congress and the BJP to convert the national political arena into a two-party system was highlighted.

“The recent political developments showed the failure of the two combinations – the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) and the NDA (National Democratic Alliance) – to consolidate. The Assembly elections to the five States have reflected this trend. As more and more, the bankruptcy and venality of the present order becomes apparent, the people are looking for an alternative…[and] can be provided only by the Left and democratic forces”,  Prakash Karat said.

In his speech, Mr. Karat mentioned losses in the Lok Sabha and Assembly polls, but refrained from reiterating reasons behind it. He said the party has examined and identified the shortcomings in the political and organizational sphere and taken steps to correct them.



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