August 16th, 2011
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Government rule is like British rule: Prashant Bhushan

prashanth bhushanNew Delhi: Prashant Bhushan addressed the media on Tuesday following the arrest of the social activist, saying that Hazare has indeed begun his fast-unto-death from 10:00 AM today despite being under police. Commenting on the protest he stated that the government has taken a undemocratic step by arresting those who dared to speak against corruption.

Anna Hazare was arrested from his residence in Mayur Vihar under Section 144 CrPC though Section 144 was not invoked in Mayur Vihar. police has not declared the cause of arrest. police claimed that they were merely following orders.

Anna Hazare has been formally arrested and relocated to an unknown location from his detention in Civil Lines. Stating that the arrest was undemocratic Bhushan drew parallels between today’s arrest and the times of emergency in 1975 when no one was allowed to speak against the government.

Prashant bushan also stated that the government was behaving like the British government of the pre-independence era.

Pushing  for a mass movement Bhushan appealed to the nation  to come out on the streets and to join them in a peaceful demonstration at the Chattrasal Stadium, Delhi University at 12:30 PM today.

“We will march from India Gate to the Parliament from 4:00 PM tomorrow and we ask the government servants to join our cause and take a mass leave for a day and join the protests in their city. When the nation stands up, the government will have to bow down.” he said.

he has also asked all government officials to express solidarity towards the cause by staying away from work tomorrow.





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